Founder & Clinical Director

Kate MacShane, LCSW-C

Psychotherapist & Clinical Director

pronouns: she/her

Kate is the founder and clinical director of the Maryland Center for Gender & Intimacy. Kate is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW-C) and a registered clinical supervisor. She holds a BA in English from Smith College, a M.Ed. from American University, and an MSW from Smith College School for Social Work.

Kate is a queer, cisgender, biracial therapist who practices from anti-oppressive framework that incorporates feminist, queer, anti-white-supremacist, and other liberatory perspectives. Kate is committed to forming transformative therapy relationships with clients seeking healing, deeper connection, and increased self-awareness. Kate’s approach to working with clients incorporates relational, psychodynamic, attachment-based, and narrative therapies.

Kate works with children, adolescents, couples/partners, and individual adults. Kate especially enjoys working with gender-diverse young people and their families, helping to improve communication and support healthy gender exploration and transition. She works with transgender, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming (T/NB/GNC) individuals from a gender-affirming perspective that centers the client’s self-determination and values them as the expert on their own identities. Kate is also dedicated to providing quality therapy to LGBQ+ people and regards therapy as an important space to explore sexual identity across the lifespan.

Kate also provides sex therapy. She enjoys supporting individuals and partners to feel more sexually confident and connected with themselves and in their relationships. She works from a kink- and sex-positive perspective, welcoming and affirming people with traditional (i.e., monogamous) and nontraditional (i.e., open, polyamorous, consensually nonmonogamous) relationship structures.

As a former public school teacher, Kate continues to enjoy opportunities to train and educate therapists and other care providers through clinical supervision, case consultation, speaking, and trainings.

Kate can be reached directly at

Areas of specialization

  • Gender identity and transition

  • Sexual orientation

  • Challenges with sexual desire, sexual function, arousal, and orgasm

  • Trauma & abuse

  • Race & racism

  • Adolescent/teen identity development

  • Relationship challenges

  • Family of origin issues


  • Adjunct professor in the Hood College Graduate Department of Counseling & Psychology

  • Solo private therapy practice (Kate MacShane Psychotherapy) 2016-2019

  • Public elementary and middle school special education (including master’s degree in special education)

  • Therapeutic preschool

  • Addiction and substance abuse recovery

  • Child and family outpatient mental health

  • Sexual assault survivor counseling and advocacy


  • World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH)

  • American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT)

  • Gender Spectrum

  • National LGBT Health Education Center

  • Fenway Health

  • The Mazzoni Center

  • Greater Washington Society for Clinical Social Work

Selected trainings & conferences Kate has attended in the past year:

  • USPATH Conference 2019: Advanced Mental Health; Ethics

  • Institute for Sexuality Education & Enlightenment 2109 (including: Sexological Anatomy; Child & Adolescent Sexual Development; Sexual Attitudes Reassessment; Common Sexual Dysfunction; SexAbility; and BDSM 101)

  • Philadelphia Transgender Wellness Conference 2019 (including: Body Image and Gender Expansive Adolescents and Young Adults; Intersectional Eating Disorder Treatment for the T/NB/GNC Community; Transfeminine Spectrum Gender Affirming Surgeries; Considerations of Relational Therapy with Trans/Non-Binary Clients; Sex, Sexuality, and Trans Identities; Medical Care for Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth; and Medical Considerations for the Gender Non-Binary Patient)

  • AASECT Annual Conference 2019 (including: Beyond Jealousy and Communication: Therapy for Polyamory's Biggest Challenges; Reclaiming the Sexuality of Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum; Somatic Sexual Healing; Applied Affirmative Therapy for LGBT Sex and Relationship Therapy Clients; and Kink Aware Practice: What Your Clients Wish you Knew)

Recent & upcoming trainings, courses, & presentations by Kate: